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About Us

MAXTOOLS is a Specialist Hardware Distributor in South Africa:

Offering a wide variety of specialist hardware equipment, consumables, tools, and chemicals to customers across. These include, amongst other:

  • A massive range of safety equipment, safety clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE), such as a welding range, safety footwear (safety boots, safety shoes), gumboots, clothing, and safety headwear / headgear.
  • A general range of hardware consumables and related items, such as soldering wire, adhesives, sealants, tapes, spray paint, wall and roof coatings, ropes and twines, oils, lubricants and additives, and electrical consumables.
  • A variety of tools, hand tools, engineering tools, power tools, tool storage boxes, drill bits, and other power tool fittings.
  • An assortment of cleaning products and equipment, including household cleaning chemicals and industrial cleaning chemicals, car care chemicals, bins, rags, mutton cloth, brooms, and brush ware.
  • A range of garden care consumables and household items, such as trimmer line, hose pipes, hose pipe fittings, hose clamps, cable ties, PVC sheeting, wheelbarrows, spades, shovels, rakes, picks, galvanised wire netting, plastic garden fencing, and barrier fencing.
  • General items such as batteries, wire nails, fillers, chain, curtain rails, fastener consumables, window putty, spray atomiser, abrasives (coated and bonded), and household wire.

Maxtools prides themselves of working on the simple ideation of: Making it easier to get what you need with efficacy.

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